An Introduction to Wind-Up

An Introduction to Wind-Up

By: Craig Anderson, D.C.

Every once in a while I like to lift the veil of health sciences and talk about something you probably have never heard of.  In this post, we’ll look at a neurological phenomenon that occurs in the spinal cord and Brain called wind-up.

Wind-up is a state of our nervous system where small stimulus (or no stimulus at all) can cause effects like irritability, anxiety and pain.

Without enough inhibition signals to the nerves, things can get out of control.  My work as a doctor of chiropractic involves daily helping patients that have this heightened response to stimuli.  Bad chemistry, eating a lot of garbage, taking strong medications and excessive worry are all causes of wind-up.

You can reduce wind-up with deep breathing, meditation, exercise and (of particular interest to me) a chiropractic adjustment.  An adjustment causes a blast of inhibition into the spinal cord.  This is one of the reason patients can feel an immediate reduction of pain after an adjustment.

If you would like to dig deeper and learn more about wind-up, review our archives.

Stay cool. – Dr. Anderson

Wind-up of spinal cord neurones and pain sensation: much ado about something? – PubMed – NCBI

Wind-up is a frequency-dependent increase in the excitability of spinal cord neurones, evoked by electrical stimulation of afferent C-fibres. Although it has been studied over the past thirty years, there are still uncertainties about its physiological meaning. Glutamate (NMDA) and tachykinin NK1 receptors are required to generate wind-up and therefore a positive modulation between these two receptor types has been suggested by some authors. However, most drugs capable of reducing the excitability of spinal

Source: Wind-up of spinal cord neurones and pain sensation: much ado about something? – PubMed – NCBI

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Previously, some ICE field offices stopped issuing detainers

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These days so many people allow religious actions to be an

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Through this discrimination, the Ministry of Finance is

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buy moncler jackets Ror ing back: World No1 McIlroy moves to within a shot of Peter Hanson in ShanghaiThe Northern Irishman hit a 69 to close the gap on his rival ahead of the final day as he looks for his fifth win of the season13:27, 27 OCT 2012Updated10:20, 20 NOV 2012A third round 70 took Hanson to 16 under par, but his Ryder Cup teammate shot 69 and is now only one behind as he chases a fifth victory of the season.South African George Coetzee’s 66 brought him only three behind and then comes a further two stroke gap to a chasing pack which includes Luke Donald, Justin Rose and Irish pair Michael Hoey and Shane Lowry.Hanson was caught first by McIlroy and then by Belgian Nicolas Colsaerts another of the European stars in Chicago last month when he followed a birdie on the second with three bogeys by the eighth.But the Swede regained control with birdies at the ninth, 11th, 13th and 15th.McIlroy matched two of those, made a 14 foot putt to narrow the gap to one again on the 16th and then lipped out from nine feet at the next.”The wind was blowing from the opposite direction, which made some of moncler outlet the holes trickier,” Hanson said. “It was not as easy to go low and my driving was not great, but it was still a cheap moncler good round.”I need to play better, but if I can get back to how I was the first two days I think I moncler outlet online have a good chance.”To win would mean a cheap moncler outlet lot. This is the start of a big stretch and it’s nice to find cheap moncler jackets sale a bit of form.”He was the only member of Jose Maria Olazabal’s side at Medinah not to contribute anything to the moncler outlet uk points total and was angry not to be given more than two games in the week.The highlight of Rose’s round was driving the green at the dogleg 380 yard 11th and sinking a 30 foot putt for eagle. buy moncler jackets

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