Just HOW Important is Exercise for Our Kids?

Children pick up on our everyday habits, sometimes without us even knowing. All parents want to set a positive example for their child. We want to ensure that our children are polite, follow instructions, are well behaved along with several other favorable attributes. While these are all important mannerisms for our children to learn, physical activity can sometimes be forgotten as a habit to instill. Just like bathing and brushing your teeth, practicing activities with your child every day is key to keeping them well. To answer the question in the essay title, exercise IS extremely important for our children to engage in.

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Physical activity is crucial in order for our children to grow into healthy, happy adults. Engaging in activities and movements as a child will promote an endless amount of benefits for their bodies including but, not limited to: healthy growth, balance and coordination, developing and improving motor skills, connecting neuromuscular pathways, and assisting in relieving stress. Sports are a fantastic way to implement exercise into your childs life. Many kids enjoy team sports such as: soccer, baseball, volleyball, or football. There are also children who prefer more individualized sports such as running track and field, golf, swimming, or tennis. Sports are a fun and exciting way not only to promote movement for your child but, to teach them friendly competition, team work, and goal-setting. Physical activity does not automatically mean your child needs to play a sport or be an athlete in order to be healthy. While a lot of children excel in sporting activities there are still many who prefer not to participate in a sport. However, this is not a reason to give up on engaging your child in physical activity. Making a habit of walking, going to the park, hiking, yard games or any other kind of activity that your entire family can participate in on a regular basis is always an option. Promoting fun, less competitive games such as: jumping rope, four-square, kickball, playing catch, frisbee  etc: with siblings and friends is a positive way to promote exercise and movement in your childs life. Even the technological world understands the importance of getting our youth moving. Interactive video gaming systems such as, Wii and Kinect contain games that promote movement and allow your child to engage in activity while they are playing.

The younger generations are the future and opening their eyes to the importance of physical activity ensures healthy future generations to come. When your kids see you, as adults, being physically active they will follow in your footsteps. Create an atmosphere at home that encourages movement for the whole family to participate in together. Everyone can benefit from physical activity. Making it another family hobby that all members can enjoy is the added bonus.

Below are three websites that promote activities for kids and information on family wellness and how you can implement these aspects into your every day life.

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