DEXA Scan for Bone Density or Body Composition

DEXA Scan for Bone Density or Body Composition

Dr. Anderson and his team use DEXA technology when needed to assess whole body bone density or regional problems.  A patient selected for this study will be sent to a local center for the test, results will be resewed with the patient at the next visit.

Our preferred testing facility is Logan University Radiology in Chesterfield, MO. They offer the latest technology at the most affordable price.

Montgomery Health Center
1851 Schoettler Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017

To Learn more about DEXA and bone density by following this link.


Our Patients Speak: Diet Soda

Our Patients Speak: Diet Soda

Diet Soda is not good for you, most people know that.

Our patient Brian just stopped drinking Diet and feels an amazing difference.  Here he is in his own words.

Click Play to LISTEN to Brian (1:33 Takes a second to load)

We did a podcast on this very topic.

This is one of my favorite summary videos about Diet Soda.





Our Patients Speak: Foot Orthotics

Feet problems are a major problem for the entire body.  As a chiropractor I see this every day.  That’s why I provide custom orthotics for my patients.

You may not know this, but I have a very particular set of skills when it comes to the feet.  I worked my way through my undergraduate college years selling shoes, fixing shoes and rebuilding soles.  I have always worked with feet.  I even attended advanced training with podiatrists to be able to give my patients the best possible orthotics.  I can take into consideration the entire body and their particular back problem when building the perfect orthotic.

Recently one of our great patients, Darin, was telling me how well the orthotics have been working for him, so I asked him to share his story in his own words.

Click Play to LISTEN to Darin (3:20)

We use the best possible material and technology to build an orthotic that will last you 10 years at a fraction of the cost you would find at a podiatrists office.

Let me know if I can help by calling my office at 314-292-9065.