The Magic Pill of Perfect Health

If I could give you a magic pill to instantly make you perfectly healthy and it was totally free and guaranteed to work, would you do it?  Of course you would.  Now that you’ve taken the pill how do you feel?  I would guess that you have no symptoms, no pain, plenty of energy and you have a general feeling of optimism.  Feels great doesn’t it?
This may come as a surprise, but at one point in your life you were actually perfectly healthy. You probably don’t remember it because you were a
If your not feeling 100% healthy today, what happened?  The answer, although very complex, can be summarized simply — your ability to adapt didn’t keep up with the stress of life. If you are not feeling as healthful as you think you should there is good news.  There are three areas to address in order for your body to meet the challenges of everyday life.
  1. Coordinated Body Systems: The nervous system needs good input to manage all of your body systems.  If your brain cannot coordinate part of your body, that body part will not be able to adapt and slowly become diseased.
  2. Good Food Choices: Poor food choices robs your body of essential chemicals needed to repair tissue and build your cells.  If you eat garbage, your will get garbage.
  3. Steady supply of Movement: Our bodies are made to move, it you don’t move it you loose it.  It’s that simple.

Take a moment and watch this little video we produced last month.

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