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ANNOUNCEMENT: Seeing Patients in OFallon, MO Beginning October 11th

ANNOUNCEMENT: Seeing Patients in OFallon, MO Beginning October 11th

We are happy to announce that Dr. Anderson will be seeing patient in OFallon, MO beginning October 11th.

We will be at the OsteoStrong Center Wednesday afternoons.  We’re offering a special $20 adjustment during the month of October to encourage you to stop by and see the new place.

You can schedule by calling 314-292-9065 or see available appointments on our online scheduler.

OFallon, MO

Located within

OsteoStrong OFallon
44 Crossroads Plaza
O’Fallon, MO 63368

Schedule appointment in OFallon

Bone Density Screenings

By: Dr. Craig Anderson

Osteoporosis is a widespread problem in older adults. Many end up taking powerful medications to salvage whatever done density they may have left.  You never want to find yourself in this unfortunate position.

Maintaining your health requires good early decisions for long-term benefits.  The principle of prevention and maintenance is in unavoidable when it comes to our skeleton.  The earlier you work on your bones, they better you will be.

Maintaining your bone strength is easier to build today as compared to 10 years from now when you may be forced to regain strength after the your skeleton weakens. This is why we offer bone density screenings for the public.  Early detection and proactive maintenance is the key.

If you would like to arrange a free done density screening in your business, church or office please contact us at 314-292-9065 or email

Learn More about Bone Density





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