Scientist and Stem Cell Expert Says Don’t Be so Quick to Believe Vaccines Are Safe

Government mandated vaccination programs are a very divisive issue right now. As a scientist and mother, you are not anti-vaccine, but you believe there are serious problems with vaccines that need to be addressed. Could you explain your position?
The FDA has debated the safety of using human fetal cell lines for vaccine manufacture for over 50 years, yet actual safety studies have never been done. There has never been an epidemiological study that has considered the relative risk of autism diagnosis based on receipt of fetal manufactured vaccines, which includes MMR II, Varivax, Vaqta, Havrix and Pentacel.
People who question the U.S. vaccination schedule, which is very aggressive, and the very real dangers of adjuvants in vaccines, and the long term impact of a heavy vaccination schedule on natural immunity, have rational and sound scientific concerns. It is sad and perplexing that civil, complete, and rational discussions of these concerns are obstructed by pharma, by the media, and unfortunately often by our elected officials, pediatricians, and family physicians.
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Mumps Being Spread by and Among Vaccinated People

Recently, 41 students at Harvard University came down with mumps and, according to the Public Health department in Cambridge, every single one of those students had been vaccinated.
Four other campuses in Boston are also starting to see cases, as have four universities in Indiana. About 13 cases of mumps have also cropped up in California.

One ridiculous explanation offered by Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Center for Health Security, is that the vaccine only works if the exposure to the virus is low; it can’t be expected to work if there are high amounts of exposure, such as in dorms.