5 Part Series Starts this Tuesday

I have finalized the titles of this series.  This is new information and presentation and I am excited to get rolling.  My 11 year old will be here to help record the talk for those of you who cant make it…

10/6: It’s All Starts In Your Brain

10/20: Why Move Your body

11/3: How Your Body Makes Energy

11/17: Your Body and Stress

12/1: Get the Most from Your Body

See you at the office at 6pm, Tuesday October 6th.

680b55639a27d3effd6759abbb4254bf A little behind the scenes:  I’m going to use something called “The Brain” to do the presentation.  It’s not a typical way to present information.  It’s formatted in a similar ways that the brain stores memories…could be interesting.

Dr. Craig Anderson