Anderson Wellness Panel

Available to anyone in Missouri.

Dr. Anderson has developed a blood panel to assess several components of a healthy lifestyle.  We can determine how well you are eating, how stress is affecting you and if you have pain, determine if its local or from a larger, whole body type of inflammation.

This is a comprehensive panel that includes 25 blood values and bio-markers to…

  • Determine where and how much inflammation is present
  • Determine the effects of stress
  • Measure fat levels
  • Nerve function
  • Immune System Function

We order the blood in the office and send you to Quest labs for the draw.  The results are know within a couple days.  We will review each test with you and formulate an action plan if needed.

Our Wellness Panel and Consult Includes:

  • 300 question survey to evaluate all body systems
  • A Wellness Blood Panel that includes test to determine:
  • Immune System Function
  • Diet and Immune System function
  • Blood Oxygen Carrying Ability
  • Blood thickness and your hydration status
  • Size of Red Blood Cells
  • Amount of Hemoglobin per cell
  • Oxygen carrying abilities per cell
  • Red Blood Cell Size
  • Blood clotting and healing time
  • C-Reactive Protein, Inflammation measurement
  • Cortisol, Stress Hormone
  • Cholesterol, Inflammation marker
  • Density of cholesterol
  • Kidney Function
  • Calcium Levels, Nerve and Muscle Conduction
  • Carbon Dioxide, Body Acidity
  • Water transport between cells
  • Glucose, Sugar measurement
  • Potassium, Nerve and Muscle Function
  • Urea Nitrogen, Waste from protein breakdown
  • Thyroid Hormone, Energy and Weight management (Women)
  • Testosterone, Hormone, Energy and muscle function (Men)

The results will help me provide nutrition advice and lifestyle modifications to get you well and keep you there.