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Our Creator loves His creation.

You can see His fingerprint in the beauty of His world and in the precise nature of nature itself. You can see His fingerprint in our human body, the intricacies of the brain alone proclaim his great powers.

Dr. Craig Anderson

I am excited to share the wonders of the human body with churches across the St. Louis ares, and occasionally in other parts of the country. The following topics can be used for sermons, classes or workshops.

Let us know if we can be of service.

  – Dr. Craig Anderson

  • Created for Who’s Glory – A look at how and why we were created. Brief discussion on the different theory of origin and why the Biblical explanation of creation is the most rational.
  • Fingerprints of God – Exploration of DNA and the digital code of life. A detailed look at systems in the body that point to our Creator.
  • Human Body Maintenance Manual: How to maintain your body. Practical ways to exercise and eat. Locomotion. A review of some principals handed down by God to His people.
  • Troubleshooting a broken body: Review common disease states including cancer, hypertension, back pain and arthritis. Understanding Stress and anxiety and it’s effects on your body. Why were we created with spare parts? Or were we?
  • In His Image: The spiritual aspect of our bodies. What does God think about us? We also look at analogues with the Church and Sports.


If you would like information on booking Dr. Anderson contact his staff at 314-292-9065 or email admin@drandersondc.com.  There is no cost for churches in the St. Louis area.  Contact us for speaking fees outside of St. Louis.