80% of Headaches Start Here

By: Dr. Craig Anderson

Published 1/15/2018 – Original Article

Dr. Anderson

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Critical Junction: The Head and Neck

Dr. Anderson

By: Dr. Craig Anderson

Published 1/8/2018 – Original Article

Have you ever just felt off?

Something is not right, but you can’t...Read More »

Instrument Adjusting

By: Craig Anderson, D.C.


We offer a low force adjusting option that sometime is exactly what is needed.  The Activator uses the least amount of force to get fantastic movement improvement into the spine.

To learn more visit: activator.com

Dr. Anderson

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An Introduction to Wind-Up

By: Craig Anderson, D.C.

Every once in a while I like to lift the veil of health sciences and talk about something you probably have never heard of.  In this post, we’ll look at a neurological phenomenon that occurs in the spinal cord and Brain called wind-up.

by: Craig Anderson, DC

It’s a typical case.  

A 65 year old woman is told she needs surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff muscle. This woman has no history of injury and can’t figure out why she has a shoulder injury...Read More »

Blood Pressure and Chiropractic

When you think about chiropractic you are probably thinking about low back pain or maybe headaches. You may be surprised to know that chiropractic can help you generally be a healthier person.

It seems like most people have high blood pressure these days. Maybe...Read More »

More than Low Back Care?

Far too many people still believe that chiropractic care isn’t necessary unless they’re suffering excruciating low back pain.

The millions who do receive regular adjustments know that chiropractic can resolve their back pain, and more and more may also be learning about the potential nonmusculoskeletal benefits.
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Ageing Gracefully


You know the person who is hunched over all the time, always looking at the floor. Their spine simply does not allow them to stand up straight. How does this happen? If your answer is osteoporosis, then you are only partially right.

The forward posture of the head...Read More »

The Magic Pill of Perfect Health

If I could give you a magic pill to instantly make you perfectly healthy and it was totally free and guaranteed to work, would you do it?  Of course you would.  Now that you’ve taken the pill how do you feel?  I would guess that you have no...Read More »

Slow Nerves?

What would you feel if your nerves were slow? Fatigue? Brain-fog? Pain? Weakness?

The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and connected nerves that go everywhere in the body. Most people don’t realize that our nervous system controls...Read More »

Knee Pain and Chiropractic Adjustment

That pain in your knee is often what doctors call patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Simple activities such as running, jumping, or going up and down stairs can contribute to knee pain, which means that most of us will eventually suffer from some form of PFPS....Read More »

Dr. Craig Anderson is a speaker and chiropractic physician at Anderson Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri.  He can be contacted at anderson@dranderson.com or by phone at 314-292-9065.