Vitamin D is critical for healthy living.  Many people with vitamin D deficiency or resistance find a high-dose supplementation strategy can successfully restore a healthy vitamin D blood level.

At high doses, however, it’s important to be under the supervision of a doctor who understands vitamin D metabolism and creates a supplementation strategy suited for each individual. Dr. Anderson will develop a strategy and monitor the key clinical indicators to maximize your Vitamin D.

Monitoring Vitamin D can be done virtually* or by visiting one of our St. Louis locations. Dr. Anderson reviews and guides patients based on medical history and bloodwork which will include:

Dr. Anderson’s office has numerous local partnerships to provide labs and exams and MRIs at reasonable rates.  We are located near the St. Louis International Airport.

For more information and program details please complete the form below for instant access.  You can view some of our fees here. We look forward to serving you.


*virtual consultations done online are open to residents of states that allow telemedicine in the United States and people outside the United States.